North American Lineman Training Center (NALTC)
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"Learn to be the Best, From the Best"

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North American Lineman Training Center

North American Lineman Training Center will be issuing your tools and equipment, including your boots and book on the first day of class. There is a list of all the tools, equipment, boots, and books in our catalog so that you know what we will be ordering for you.

In our Enrollment Package there will be a document you will fill out to choose what color hard hat you would like, what size boots you need - including your boot width - what size gloves, and two measurements for ordering the proper D-ring size of your body belt:

1. Jean waist size ______ (not your leg length)
2. Side-seam to side-seam measurement________ (see below for how to measure)

To find the Side-seam to Side-seam measurement:

Starting about the level at the top of your hips/where you will wear your body belt, (NOT your waists) place your tape measure on one side to seam of your jeans and continue around your behind, to the opposite side to seam of your jeans, keeping the tape measure level. (So, not all the way around your body and not around the front of your body.) The measurement you get, in inches, is what you will write on that particular line of our document. (Make sure you use a cloth/plastic measuring tape, so that this measurement is accurate)

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