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 WIOA- Workforce Investment and Opportunities Act

This is state funding available in each state for students who qualify with them. The funding amounts that each state is able to offer, varies from state to state and also from county to county. Some states and/or counties are able to offer more or less than others. North American Lineman Training Center (NALTC) has to be on your state's list of providers in order for you to be able to use funds to come to school at NALTC. We are currently on several states' vendor list, but if we are not, then it is usually just an application NALTC would have to fill out and be approved, before WIOA counselors would be able to assist you.

Please feel free to call 931-582-4161 for further assistance.

Veterans GI Bill

We are pleased to announce that NALTC is now approved for Veterans who want to use their educational benefits under the GI BILL! You will need to apply to your Benefits Department to be approved for benefits. Once you see that you are approved for one of the above, please email NALTC at a copy of the letter of approval for benefits.

Once you are enrolled at North American Lineman Training Center, you will need to apply for your benefits, online at, in order to receive your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This document will tell you what education benefits you are approved for, and at what percentage amount. You will need to get a copy of this document sent to the school you are trying to attend so that the School's Certifying Official (SCO) will be able to certify your enrollment, asap.   Don't forget to also send us a copy of your DD-214.

Please feel free to call 931-582-4161 for further assistance.

Vocations Rehabilitation Services

There are several ways you might qualify, so if you have ever been diagnosed in school as having some kind of learning disability, call the Vocational Rehabilitation Services in your state, to see if they can help you with funding

Please feel free to call 931-582-4161 for further assistance.

North American Lineman Training Center has partnered with Vocational Schools Finance in Pasadena, California to provide trade school financing for those needing loans to enroll in our program. Please visit this website: or click on the banner below and apply for a loan. After you've entered your information into their loan platform, generally within just a few minutes you will hear if you are accepted and what the terms of the loan are. You may apply for all tuition and fees as well as housing and living expenses.

This is not a government program, but rather a network of private lenders and banks around the US which will offer you loans for your schooling. If you need further assistance on how this works, call NALTC at 931-582-4161.

Personal Loans

We do not have a school code, so a student loan will not be possible. You would have to get a personal loan yourself, or possibly, have co-signer or maybe some low-interest credit cards to help with your tools, etc..

Please feel free to call 931-582-4161 for further assistance.

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