COVID-19 – Semester Information

The last several weeks have seen some extraordinary action with regard to COVID-19 otherwise known as Corona virus. We have been proactive in both the cleaning process here at our facilities as well as habitually reminding students to wash their hands frequently, remain home if feeling “flu-like” symptoms and to stay away from people they know personally who are sick should they be traveling home on weekends.

At this time, NALTC has no plans to adjust or change any start date for any remaining 2020 semesters. We are working within the direction given to us by educators at the State of Tennessee to reduce the risks associated with classroom training by culling down the amount of people permitted to remain in any single classroom environment during the day.
Presently, we are staggering out daily instruction to permit limited numbers of students to be educated both in the classroom and field at any one time and will continue to follow relative recommendations as put forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with respect to social distancing recommendations.

Since this situation is dynamic, we are making plans to finalize the current semester and manage future semesters to where it benefits the student without sacrificing their health and safety. NALTC has been, and will remain, committed to the well-being of both its students and employees in what has become a challenging and ever-present changing situation.