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IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFO: The Spring 2025 registration is now open. We will also continue to accept applications for the Fall 2024 class. After applying, please call our office at 931-582-4161 in 3-5 business days to check on the status of your application.

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North American Lineman Training Center is unparalleled in its mission to provide the safest, most comprehensive training to the next generation of linemen. Our curriculum is taught by highly experienced JOURNEYMEN LINEMEN, not safety officers, inside electricians nor theoretical engineers. We pride ourselves on being a smaller institution where the student is engaged one-on-one, and given a more thorough hands-on experience than our competitors.

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Example of Course Overview - What You Can Expect to Learn

Personal Protection Equipment and Procedures
Students will learn about safety working procedures and personal protection equipment.
Electrical Systems
Students will learn the basics of the entire electrical system from generation through transmission, distribution, and conversion.
Basic Electricity
The students will be taught the fundamentals of practical and mathematical application of Direct Current and Alternating Current.
Students will learn how and why transformers are used, banked, energized and the various configurations of both Delta and Wye.
Personal Protective Grounding
Students will learn how and why companies work on transmission and distribution lines as well as all equipment and methods used when working.
Rigging And Knot Tying
Students will learn how to tie specific knots, splice rope and learn the proper use of various ropes, slings, block and tackle.
The students will learn about underground transformers, underground switching, and grounding procedures.
Career Planning
Students will learn how to construct a resume and cover letter, what to look for in an employer, and engage in one-on-one mock interviews with instructors so that they might interview well once they graduate.
Field Instruction
Each day North American Lineman Training Center focuses on implementing classroom theory out in the field in the most comprehensive, hands-on setting to ensure each student has mastered the task asked of him.

Why Us?

Are You Ready To Begin Your Career Ahead Of Your Competitors?
Our lineman school program will allow you to begin your career ahead of all the rest. Our students have experience performing the jobs of a lineworker, as well as obtaining professional knowledge of the industry while they proceed through our program. Our students are well equipped to stand out from the interview to the actual job. Our program will provide an outlet for electric companies to search for new qualified applicants. Our students will be able to enter the industry with the technical skills that their employers can’t pass up!
Do you want to learn from Experienced and Knowledgeable Linemen?
The lineman school instructors at North American Lineman Training Center have extensive real world experience in power generation, transmission and distribution. Their exceptional understanding of the industry and what companies are looking for makes our program a cut above other schools. Our students will have hands-on experience in the trade and be coached in problem-solving skills in order to help them excel in their work. Additionally, our instructors have worked throughout numerous geographical regions of North America, Africa, and the Middle East, and have worked many of the hurricanes, snow storms and other natural disasters in the United States thus benefiting students with their vast and knowledgeable experience.
Do you want to be able to graduate and have the opportunities for immediate positions anywhere in the world?
Then this trade is the right career for you. North American Lineman Training Center provides its lineman school graduates with a listing of electric companies and unions that will be useful in your search for your ideal company. Our instructor’s connections with the leaders of the trade will also give the students of North American Lineman Training Center the upper hand at finding a career. Our students will be trained, not only to look for the job, but to find jobs. A career planning class is required to help our students create a resume and learn to find their own jobs.

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North American Lineman Training Center is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.
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